The Best Pastor Maldonado Jokes

Look, I'm sure Pastor Maldonado is a nice enough guy. But the Venezuelan driver for the Lotus F1 team is a bit, um, "erratic," to put it lightly, and he's grown quite a reputation for crashing spectacularly, and crashing often. So much so that he's the butt of many great jokes. Jokes like these.

And it's not like Pastor isn't aware of his rep, either. And while he may run out of Venezuelan dictatorship money pretty soon, we should enjoy him while we still have him.


But seriously, if you watch the video above, it's like watching some sort of dark sorcerer playing with the hands of some poor, feeble victim. He'll be driving along, everything's going fine, and then BOOM, he hits a wall. BOOM, he flies over a curb. BOOM, he smacks into Lewis Hamilton for no reason at all.

BOOM, he arrives in Monaco.


BOOM, his parts get there shortly after.




Life can be rough out there.

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