The best and worst of the Lexus LFA color wheel

Caught in Oman, this Lexus LFA easily ranks as one of the sexiest cars ever to wear a shade of brown. The two LFAs traveling with it were not so sartorially fortunate.

As part of the total LFA experience, Lexus allows "owners" to choose from 28 possible exterior colors, including the "pearl brown" shown here, along with several shades in the interior. The rest of us just play with online configurations, but LFA owners are not shy about their real choices.


While Brownie did a heckuva job, the LFA'er who went for the "John Lennon Imagine" edition white-on-white scored a far more modest success, especially with a tan steering wheel and black dash. It seems unfortunately pedestrian for a car owned by someone wealthy enough to mow one down and get away with.

And here's where things turn rotten: the red LFA with lavender upholstery, a color riot usually not seen outside the Muppet factory. If that's what it takes to keep this LFA from meeting the fate of other supercars in the Middle East, so be it. Thanks Kevin!


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