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Warner Brothers Studios just added the Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batmobile to their picture-car vault, where it joins its bat-tastic brethren for the first time as part of the studio tour.

While the two most recent incarnations of Batman’s sweet criminal-busting ride have gone for more practicality, there’s no denying a Batmobile when you see one. You can now check them all out together for the first time, whether it’s the Tim Burton sleek and shiny turbofan missiles, or the more militaristic vehicles that ditched the fins for more functionality, you only have a limited time.


The Warner Bros. Studios Tour Hollywood will feature the BvS: DoJ ride from September 4th to December 31st. After that, the new ride likely scoots off to film the upcoming solo Ben Affleck Batman flicks. Say that five times fast.

Let us know if you take the tour!

Top shot from video by Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

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