The Bahrain Grand Prix Has An Official Theme Song And Now You Must Dance

I’m not sure why a Formula One grand prix needs a theme song, but for some reason that escapes us, the Bahrain Grand Prix has one. Please shake that booty to Daffy and Flipperachi’s “3eshha Weyana,” the only Arabic F1 smack talk jam I’ve ever heard.

“Are you ready for the party?” I don’t know, man, those grandstands look pretty bare beyond the folks staged there for this video shoot.


Unfortunately for this dynamic duo, the number of people I can think of who get genuinely stoked for the Bahrain Grand Prix seems to be roughly equal to the number of people who believe 2017 is McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso’s year to dominate.

Regardless, “Formella-ella-ella-ehhhhh” is pretty cheesy, but it’s an earworm that won’t go away. Now you must suffer with me. Mwahahahaha!


[H/T WTF1]

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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

This is why India needs a race again, a Bollywood song a Dance F1 song would be epic.