The Back of Beyond: Volkswagen's New Rear-Engined Ride

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Seeing as how the ultralux Phaeton didn't work out so hot, the People's Car Company is going to release a new car for – get this – the people. And this new car will have its motivator right where Dr. Porsche intended — in the bum. The versatile wordsmiths at Automobile are claiming a mole buried "deep inside" VeeDub HQ has confirmed that a new ass-engined little car is imminent. For those of us that live in America and other first world countries, two body styles will be offered. One will ape the Beetle (why not?) and the other will look like a puny Jetta. Our cars will also come with a direct-injected turbo 3-banger.

If you live on the wrong side of the tracks you'll get a two-cylinder dealio and the same two body styles, but more choice when it comes to wheelbase. And if you live in a really bad neighborhood (developing third-world), the engineers that build a quad-turbo W16 will sell you a 1-cylinder neo-Bug. To keep the price low (an estimated $10,000 to $14,000) no power-steering will be offered. Should you need ABS or a moon roof, those are available extras. And to keep the new hiney-heavy little guy on the road, VW will make stability control standard.

Also of note is that apparently this car hails from the mind of none other than the archduke himself, Dr. Ferdinand Piech. We would just like to point out to the good doctor that VAG is totally missing a 7, a 9, an 11 and the all important 13 through 15-cylinder engines. For shame. Oh, and a modern rear-engined microcar? We can't hardly wait. And you just know an entire regiment of hoons is already out there, licking their chops in anticipation of racing the dang things.


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