Its name sounds like a blood-pressure drug, but MMI's Avocet gets its moniker from an insect-eating bird with webbed feet. Of course, the specialty British roadster's feet are decidedly unwebbed, but we're pretty sure it'll be eating plenty of unfortunate insects along Blighty's b-roads. The Lotus fighter is on display this week at UK's Autosport International Show. It's powered by the ubiquitous two-liter Ford Duratec, tweaked by Roush to produce 150 horsepower; a special-order 225 hp powerplant from Roush's Mountune division is also available. Like the Lotuses it's likely to stalk, the Avocet follows the Colin Chapman ideal of performance through lightness, weighing a svelte 1543 pounds. And it shows. The Avocet reportedly turns 0-60 times in under five seconds. Methinks I'm in luuurve. [via Carscoop]