The Audi R18 At Sebring Will Loosen Every Filling In Your Unworthy Mouth

Audi continues to test its LMP1-class R18 e-tron quattro at Sebring, where the surface is just old and bumpy enough to be a good, proper shakedown—and we do mean shake. Watch as the R18 skips along the surface, rattling the driver inside.


According to Marshall Pruett over at RACER, the R18 e-tron quattro is even quicker than last year. They're running 30% less fuel on board to meet the 2015 regulations, and the car is almost two seconds faster than Audi's own no-fuel-restrictions official lap record from 2013 at the track.


Their simulations show that they would be a full five seconds under that record time if they set up the car with softer springing and damping for Sebring's bumpy surface, but none of the World Endurance Championship circuits they plan to run are anywhere near this rough. (Even Circuit de la Sarthe!)

So, they're testing the car as it will run during the races, kidney-jarring suspension and all. We hope the drivers inside aren't fond of any of their fillings and don't need to wee.

[H/T Marshall Pruett]

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Will Loosen Every Filling In Your Unworthy Mouth

Woah, slow down there Christian Grey

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