You know what this is? In a way, the idea of the legendary TVR Speed-12 finally making it into (very limited) production in a spectacular Aston Martin. That's quite something.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a proper middle finger pointed right at the McLaren P1 GTR and the LaFerrari FXX K, mostly because while those track-only hybrids were teased and leaked bit by bit for ages, Aston kept quiet about the Vulcan until it was ready to wow. That's how you steal a show.


With an 800+ horsepower 7 liter V12 linked to a sequential gearbox pushing just 2,976 pounds (1350 kg), those lucky 24 buyers are certainly in for a thrilling drive. There's also no other car on the market with such a old school naturally aspirated powertrain, let alone a racing V12.

Aston's Chief Creative officer Marek Reichman says they named it after the plane because it sounds like the strategic bomber, and both the shark face and the amazing rear LED lights we've seen before on SPECTRE's DB10 and Gran Turismo's DP-100 are on this car because that's the design direction they're taking in the future.

Having the freedom that comes with building a track-only model also meant some parts didn't have to fit perfectly. Because the concept of a race car displayed at a car show:


Who cares? It's a Speed-Twelve!