Aston Martin Has To Make These Deconstructed LED Tail Lights Happen

Aston Martin built sort of a modern Ford GT90 called the DP-100 for Gran Turismo 6. It's got a mid-engined twin-turbo V12, and it's never going to happen in this form, but I still want to see those taillights on their next production vehicle, because it's awesome. » 8/21/14 7:00pm 8/21/14 7:00pm

​Watch The Aston Martin DP-100 In (Virtual) Action

We're evenly split on the design of the Aston Martin DP-100. The profile is slick, the back end is butch, and then you get to the front. » 7/02/14 7:11pm 7/02/14 7:11pm

The Aston Martin DP-100 Is An Incredible Aston On Hallucinogens

You give Aston Designer Marek Reichmann a pencil, an order to design a car for a video game, and some peyote. What you get in return is the DP-100. It's unlike any Aston you've seen before, and that is totally ok. » 6/27/14 7:56am 6/27/14 7:56am