The Aston Martin DB10 Is James Bond's New Car In Spectre

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Daniel Craig will return to play 007 in the new Bond film Spectre and Aston Martin will return as the Bondmobile with this custom Aston Martin DB10. The car was developed specifically for and they're building ten of them, just none that you can buy.

As Aston Martin doesn't quite have a new product ready to debut, this is an extremely limited production vehicle done as a "bespoke" product.

"In the same year that we celebrate our 50-year relationship with 007, it seems doubly fitting that today we unveiled this wonderful new sports car created especially for James Bond," said Aston CEO Andy Palmer.


We're guessing this new Aston will be powered by a V12, because it's an Aston, and built on one of their older chassis. While this doesn't mean he won't also be driving a Fiat 500, it does mean he'll also have a proper British car.