The Ariel Nomad Is Really Grounded To The Ground

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Ariel’s contemporary buggy is the only car I would need driving down Fury Road. Ladies and Gentlemen, instead of a BMW X6M, how about this for a sport activity vehicle?


We already knew that Ariel’s lifted Atom is pretty sweet off road, but as Harry Catchpole now demonstrates, it also works on bumpy tarmac despite having all-terrain Yokohamas and the ground clearance of 4x4.


Those Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs really keep it grounded to the ground and since it has a windshield and an optional all-weather body kit, this might just be the best doomsday vehicle I’ve ever seen. Granted, it won’t protect you from radioactive sandstorms or snipers, but at least those sneaky shooters will have a hard time hitting the car at all as it bounces all over the place faster than any dune warrior before.

Just leave it to the British to design a fun car. They always do a proper job.

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