What is it with modern superbikes these days? None of them have received major updates lately and, to be completely honest, they’re all a bit underpowered. Juuuust kidding, the current crop of 1000s are absolutely fucking mental. But, if you still are not entertained, Aprilia is here to help.

The Aprilia RSV4 R-FW (Factory Works) Misano is an exercise in absurdity, both in its alphabet soup naming structure and in performance. The 230+ horsepower beast is almost completely identical to the one raced in World Superbike, and isn’t really much different from the full fledged MotoGP race bike.


The RSV4 R-FW Misano enters at the top of the five model RSV4 range, which now allows race teams and enthusiasts alike to purchase an RSV4 appropriate to any and every 1,000cc class they wish to race in.

Aprilia racing director Romano Albesiano had this to say at EICMA:

The RSV4 racing versions we are presenting at EICMA are, first and foremost, a unique opportunity that Aprilia Racing is making available to those who want to own a real race bike.

Now all the experience we have acquired through these (racing) victories is available to whoever wants to race with our bike: both those who want to participate in championships and those who want to ride a real Aprilia Racing bike on the racetrack.

We’re making several levels of sophistication available. This is a racetrack optimized RSV4, from the SSTK version (in every way the bike that dominated the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup) all the way to the top, a full-fledged Superbike.


These “factory works” bikes, in addition to getting the appropriate engine tune and horsepower output numbers, will also get chassis setups and electronics package in accordance with the racing series they were designed for. No word yet on the specific breakdowns or, more importantly, prices.


But I’d start saving now.

See the rest of the bikes released with our EICMA 2015 coverage here.

Photos: Aprilia

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