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This is the real world; it’s not just fantasy. If you open your eyes and look up toward lot 608 at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas next week, you may just make yourself into a poor boy (or girl), because the recently restored 1976 AMC Pacer used in Wayne’s World is up for auction.

The restoration brought the car back to as close to how it was in the 1992 movie as possible, according to the online auction listing. That includes the purposely mismatched wheels and flame decals. Here are the details on what exactly the restoration on the six-cylinder automatic consisted of, according to the listing:

All bolted-on body parts were removed and the exterior body was stripped to bare metal. Bumpers and original wheels were rechromed and the body was refinished with Nason base coat/clear coat to match the movie color. Seats and headliner were recovered, and all interior panels and dashboard were refinished. ... All the props inside the car are original. The complete front end, including steering rack, was rebuilt. The exhaust, water pump, power steering pump, alternator, battery, belts and hoses are just some of the mechanical parts replaced during the refinish of the motor. Other items restored or refinished include the grille, headlamp doors and bumper cushions; all moldings and the weatherstripping were replaced. NOS taillight lenses, front hubcaps and parking light lenses were added to the restoration.


The only things deliberately different are the upgraded speakers and stereo, and the listing says it is operational—perfect to recreate the famous Bohemian Rhapsody scene. (Fun fact: according to the Huffington Post, Mike Myers had to fight for that song to even be used in the film and threatened to walk out if it wasn’t.)

Anyway, here are some more shots of the restored Pacer that’ll be auctioned off in just a few days:


This story has been updated to reflect that the stereo system in the restored car is operational. the reading glasses had some fog on them. Thanks Shled!

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