The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Commercial Is So Beautiful It Makes Us Want To Cry

To start Maximum Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Day off, we've got some hot commercial action for you. The folks at Alfa have put together a promo video befitting of an Italian stallion supercar — filled with beautiful shots of the 8C powering through the hills, beautiful shots of CGI engines and powertrains and beautiful operatic voices. The only thing that could be added making this commercial more appropriate would be if Alfa Romeo flashed "Molto caldo!" across the screen every few moments


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Al Navarro

You can tell this was done by non-native English speakers because one super says "Technology Excellence"...should be "Technological Excellence" or, the manner of Bill and Ted, "Technology, Excellent"

Yes, I am putting it under a microscope. I have my reasons.


But other than this quibble (and the somewhat larger problem of not hearing the engine over the nuovo-age soundtrack) and my Dragon-induced sensitivity to not crossing the double yellow/solid white, it's 100000% better than that CRAP Porker GT2 video you guys aired last week. How much better? Well, let's just say that at one point I was thinking "This is cool but they have to hang the tail out more" and then the driver did exactly that.