The Alfa Romeo 4C's bigger sibling, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, is famous for having a delicious warbling, burbling, roaring V8 sound system. It was interesting to see if Alfa could pull off the same auditory magic with half the cylinders. And while it's a different flavor, it's still just as scrumptious.


It's not as easy to get a good engine note out of four cylinders as it is to get one out of eight, but the Italians never seem to have a problem with it. The Alfa Romeo 4C's exhaust spits out the sound of distant thunder at the bottom of the rev counter, which sharply rises to a raspy yell at the top. All with a delicious frosting of a turbo.

Not bad, Alfa. Not bad at all. Can't wait until it finally goes on sale over here.

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