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Wherever it stops during its promotional show tours around the US, the Air Force Reserve's 26-foot-long race car usually competes with an aircraft. Of course, the car, simply a chrome-moly chassis with an aluminum skin, and a Westinghouse J-34 jet engine strapped on, has an unfair advantage in the acceleration department. The Reserve's Above & Beyond Jet Car creates mini sonic booms as it approaches 400mph, literally guzzling 40 gallons of diesel fuel in its 1800-foot showcase runs. The engine, borrowed from a T-2A Buckeye jet, provides 10,000 horsepower and about 6,000 pounds of thrust. During accleration, pilot Scott Hammack is treated to 4.5 positive Gs, then another 11 negative Gs during braking. Jeez. [Thanks to RF for the tip.]

Jet Car Show [Air Force Reserve]

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