After years of promises, we've finally seen the new Acura NSX in motion at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course. And it sounds unbelievably good. Of course, that means people think it's fake. It isn't. At all.


The NSX short videos on Vine, Instagram, and YouTube were directed by Tim Damon. He's known for authenticity in filming, and that is no different here.


Someone familiar with the filming (ok, it's our old captain Ray Wert, who has worked with Tim for his new business venture, Tiny Toy Car), told me that the producer told him that Tim directed it. Ray told me "Tim was the director of the videos and he doesn't fake anything."

Strong words.

If that's true, which I tend to believe it is, then the NSX will be one of the best sounding cars money can buy and one of the best of the last decade. I think we'll have to drive it ourselves to find out.

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