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The Acabion GTBO in Geneva

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We nearly forgot to mention the Geneva coming-out party for the Acabion GTBO, whose streamlined comportment looked like something from the centerfold of Guided Ordinance Aficionado. We heard tales of the twin-seat, Suzuki Hayabusa—powered Swiss moto-rocket (prototype) hitting 280 mph at half throttle, accelerating from 180 mph to 280 mph in 10 seconds, and a potential for up to 700 hp (which would make the top speed, what, 600 mph?). It's the product of a 45-year-old engineer, who once worked for Mercedes, Porsche and BMW. The project cost something like 30 million euro, and the hand-made finished "works" will be priced in the neighborhood of $600,000. Anyone want to write the maestro a check?

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