The Abandoned Cars That Sat At That Mysterious 'Robot' Parking Garage For 15 Years Just Caught On Fire

The mysterious cars discovered last month within a once state-of-the-art robot parking garage in Scotland for 15 years are still there, except now they’re being accidentally set ablaze.


Photos and details posted by Twitter user “Norbert Swizzle” reveal that construction crews tearing down the old parking garage unintentionally set fire to the remaining cars:

The BBC reported that there were no injuries. According to the company that’s deconstructing the garage, the building is being demolished and replaced by an office building. More tweets from “Norbert” claim construction crews were cutting apart a section of the structure when the sparks set a car on fire.

Last month, photos of the recently discovered cars were posted to reddit. At the time, the deconstruction company said it was going to make “every effort” to salvage the cars. I think today’s event indicates otherwise.

Some of the 15 year old abandoned motors include an Austin Maestro and Fiat Uno, neither of which appear to be in these new images. The cars are believed to have been owned by the garage company for testing of the fancy garage mechanisms. My old European car spotting skills aren’t up to snuff, so you’re going to have to help me figure out the car that actually is on fire. It looks... French, to me.


“Norbert” later tweeted that the fire had been extinguished by the fire brigade. But what a depressing way to go! Fifteen years in exile and then you’re set on fire. RIP.

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