If expensive supercars and gold paint jobs aren't unique enough for you, Eng-i-Creation can whip up a one-off silver and gold embellished custom folding key-fob for only about $7,000.


Join us for a moment as we cannot restrain our quiet face-palm at the notion of a $7,000 key. We're betting high-tech bank vaults don't have keys this expensive. Key sets for nuclear missiles are probably cheaper. What Eng-i-Creation offers for the lobotomized discerning buyer is a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind key experience, hewn from the finest leathers and embellished with gold and silver. The key fobs feature a folding design (like any VW product from ten years ago) and include such gee-whiz features as integrated vehicle remote control and... um... other stuff? This particular piece was fashioned for a Gumpert Apollo, which tickets in the mid six figures, so a paltry $7,000 for a key is probably cheaper than an oil change and tune-up. [Luxury Launches]