The $679 Senna DVD box set mystery

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Now here's a marketplace quandary. One of the pre-order prices for Senna is nearly $700 on both Best Buy and Amazon. There's no description of the product, but on Amazon it looks like some kind of box set. At least Best Buy offers 18-month financing.


It's a mystery. This box set comes with a 1/12 scale model. Maybe Best Buy's comes with a test drive in a 1988 McLaren MP4/4.

(Hat tip to Ninjasixfiftyr!)

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Holy crap. For $635, I can buy the following:

5x Tamiya McLaren MP4 model kits - $125 + shipping. Throw in 50 for paint.

1 copy of the film on Blu-Ray - $40 ought to cover that.

Change my name to Ayrton Senna da Silva - $395 in California

and still come out ahead with money for beer and pizza. This better be really, really, good.