The 562 HP McLaren 570S Is Your Entry-Level Sports Series McLaren

McLaren Sports Series seemed like an odd name for a car, didn’t it? It’s not when you consider that it’s going to be an entire series of vehicles. First up, making its debut next week at the New York Auto Show, is the 570S.


McLaren has thrown out a few teaser shots of the mid-engined sports car so far, but we still won’t know exactly what it looks like until the New York show. (Unless it leaks out first.) What we do know is that the 570S will use the familiar 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 tuned to 562 horsepower, or 570 PS, hence the name.

Other than the name and power output, all we know from McLaren is that the 570S will offer “class-leading levels of performance coupled with optimized handling characteristics and driving dynamics.” In other words, it will not suck.

With the 570S, McLaren says they’ll debut their “three-tier” lineup of Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series cars. The 570S and its ilk will be at the bottom, the 650S will slot in the middle, and the insane P1 will sit at the top.

More on this car as we get it. Should Porsche be scared?


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