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A thirtysomething investment banker and his friend got bored one night so they decided they'd take a cab from New York to Los Angeles. How much would it cost them for the six-day journey? $5,000.


The duo convinced Mohammed Alam to drive them from LaGuardia Airport to Los Angeles starting last Saturday for the agreed upon sum of 5 large. They arrived in Las Vegas yesterday and are scheduled to arrive at their final destination today.

Of all the stupid stunts I-bankers have pulled with all their cash, this has got to be one of the dumbest. We're sure somewhere around Omaha they got bored and were rethinking this whole plan. Why couldn't they have just gone to Scores and made it rain like every other jerk with too much money? Why drag a poor man from Queens away from his family for two weeks so that they can have a cross country drive without the inconvenience of, you know, actually driving? [NY Post, image via Getty]

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