The limited edition pack is a free upgrade for the fastest forty buyers available for all Seven models, and includes getting the best ignition key ever. I would buy one just for that.

It was in 1973 when original owner Graham Nearn acquired the rights to the model from Colin Chapman, so just like Lamborghini, Caterham is having a birthday cake.

They are giving us a slice by making the Seven better free of charge, and while some issues may arise from the application of the package to the top-of-the-line R500 version (meaning that it will not come with grey leather dash or new wheels), for the other models, the upgrades include:

"Grey painted chassis replicating the original Lotus Seven, ruby red ‘40YOC’ paint with bespoke bonnet stripes, hand-tailored leather seats with grey piping, grey leather dashboard, a bespoke tunnel top with grey handbrake and gearstick gaiters, a numbered dash plaque and new 15” silver alloy wheels with Caterham embossing (only UK), '40YOC' wheel centres and Avon ZV3 tyres."


It also turns your average key into this one:

Thats a good deal considering you get all this for free starting on the Roadsport 125 at £19,995 ($31,000) all the way up to the Superlight R500, priced at £42,495 ($65,875).


Colin Chapman would say woo-hoo, or something similar, probably.