It's a day that ends in 'y,' so that means it's time for another new special edition Bugatti Veyron. And this one is the 'Black Bess,' a Veyron that is an homage to the Bugatti Type 18 and appears to have eyelashes over the lights.


Each special edition Veyron, especially the ones in the "Les Legendes de Bugatti" series has its fans and detractors. Predictably, we kinda loved the brown on brown on brown on brown action of the Rembrandt edition. So what about this one with eyelashes?

Well, we don't hate it. The black wheels and kind of art deco design over the headlights that runs far back on the body is actually neat, if not a little overwrought.

Then again, I'm not shelling out $3 million for a new Bugatti and I'm pretty sure you aren't either. If you have the money to waste on buy a Veyron, you get it however you'd like. And if that's with eyelashes, more power to you.


Black Bess will debut at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show.

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