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While at a pleasant if not a bit boozy dinner party on Saturday, we found ourself in the position of having to explain what we did last weekend. Which meant that for the second time in as many hours we were once again singing the praises of the Se7en. After we'd been bloviating wildly for 10 minutes, our friend stopped us and asked the following question: If we had $250,000, what car or cars would we buy? Our answer was (of course) a 1978 Aston Martin V8 Vantage (figure about $80,000 for a good example), an RS4 Avant (About $100,000 due to a weak dollar and import charges) and then spend the remainder on a Z06. Though, we'd probably want a Se7en, too. Hmmm...Should have been the $300,000 question. Anyhow, you?

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