The $240,000 Bugatti über desk

A new Bugatti Veyron costs around $1.6 million, depending on how you outfit it. A 1936 57SC Bugatti Atlantic fetched $30 million at auction. This Bugatti-inspired desk, then, may seem like a value at just $240,000. But it isn't.

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If you're crazy rich this "Bugatti-inspired Executive Desk" built by Luzzo Bespoke may be a nice way to match your car with furniture and show off to the other obnoxiously affluent people who you pretend to be friends with because they're the only ones who will fork over $5,000 just to hang out in the lobby of a hotel.

Having expressed our disgust with this kind of classless opulence we have to admit it's not too bad. Rather than take cues from the more pedestrian Veyron, the desk is inspired by the Bugatti Grand Prix cars of the '20s and '30s.


Obvious Bugatti touches are apparent in the blue-on-white-with-tan color pattern and honeycomb grill drawers, as well as the billet aluminum frame. More subtly clever? The drive gears for the height adjustment are modeled after the Winfield carburetor's synchro quadrants from a Type 57.


And if the $240,000 version seems too much, there's a $65,000 version as well.

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