Remember the the 24 Hours Of LeMons Nonsorship Package, in which Detroit automakers were offered the opportunity to have their corporate names redacted from LeMons cars?

When we saw a Fβ€”-, Lβ€”-β€”-, or Mβ€”-β€”- roll up into the BS Inspection area, we'd cover the corporate emblems with special "REDACTED" stickers. That way, the Fβ€”- Mβ€”β€” Cβ€”-β€”- doesn't have its image damaged by the hoopty machinery on the track! And, yes, that's an IRS-equipped Lβ€”-β€”- Mβ€”- Vβ€”- you're seeing.
Things are about to get pretty crazy here and I can't promise many live updates for a while, so check out this site for some live race coverage!