The 24 Hours Of Le Mans Is Shockingly Beautiful In Time Lapse

Nissan put together a string of time lapses from this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans with scenes from everywhere: inside the pits, along the track and even in the car. The result was an absolutely beautiful piece of film that shows exactly why the endurance classic is regarded as one of the best races in the world.

One thing stands out if you’ve never been to Le Mans: the sheer number of people there. Everywhere within and around the 8.469-mile track is packed with fans. The paddock area becomes a small city with haulers, fan activities and suites. The small armies needed to make a three-car LMP1 effort is no joke, either.

Watch as the sun sets and rises again on the most wonderful day (full day!) of racing of the year, and enjoy.


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HI Ed McDunnough Jr

The time lapse was the only thing that was quick about Nissan that weekend.