These New 2021 Ford Bronco Images Look Incredible

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Image: Bronco6G (Fair Use)
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There’s only half an hour left until Ford reveals the 2021 Ford Bronco, but the forum for the new sixth-generation Ford Bronco, Bronco6G, isn’t waiting. Someone on the messaging boards just posted new exterior and interior images of the new Ford off-roader, and they look amazing.

I don’t know much about the provenance of these images, but they look legit. Not only do all the features shown line up with leaks we’ve already seen, but the hole in the door shown in the photo above matches up with this teaser that the official Ford Bronco Instagram page published a few days ago:


You’ll notice that the caption in the Instagram post above reads “*CGI image. Pre-production model shown.” I think it’s fair to say the full exterior shot that Bronco6g posted is also a CGI image, given that the forum shows the same image, but in a number of different colors.

I think the vehicle looks phenomenal. Some folks on the forum don’t like the windows in the lower part of the doors, and my colleague Andrew isn’t sold on the limb-risers (those cables meant to keep tree limbs off the windshield), but I dig it. I like the tow points in the steel bumper up front, the bash plate (?) underneath, what appear to be beadlock wheels, the huge wheel arches—I’m a fan of what I see.

The forum also shows what pretty much has to be an official press image of the new Bronco’s interior:

Illustration for article titled These New 2021 Ford Bronco Images Look Incredible
Image: Bronco6g (Fair Use)

The pattern in the center of the seats looks old-school, but in a cool way. The dash looks simple but nice, the steering wheel has a lot of buttons on it, but looks pretty decent.

I’m excited.

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