The 2020 BMW M4 Edition ///M Heritage Is For The Nerdiest ///M Fans

All image credits: BMW

To anyone else who isn’t familiar with or doesn’t give two hoots about BMW’s M-cars, the 2020 BMW M4 Edition ///M Heritage means absolutely nothing at all. But that’s not who it’s for. This is a special edition, one aimed squarely for the M nerds.

The heritage M4s will come in three colors: Laguna Seca Blue, Velvet Blue or Imola Red II, according to a press release. Two of these are quite possibly my favorite colors ever offered on BMW M cars. You’ll also notice these paint schemes represent the motorsport logo, which simultaneously I kind of love and also roll my eyes at.


Even the interiors match, too. The Laguna Seca Blue blue car has Silverstone/Black leather with turquoise stitching, the Velvet Blue car has Silverstone/Black leather with blue contrast stitching and the Imola Red II car has Red/Black leather with red contrast stitching.

Each car will come with lightweight, forged, 20-inch BMW M allow wheels, a decorative stripe on the roof and “Edition ///M Heritage” and unique badge numbering inside. If you get either 69/750 or 420/750, let me know.

The treatment is reserved for the two-door M4 only, and BMW is making just 750 of them. They are based off the M4 Competition Package, which means they’ll put out 444 horsepower, 406 lb-ft of torque and use a seven-speed dual-clutch.


BMW didn’t announce pricing at this time, but you can bet the special M4s will be more expensive than the non-special ones. You’d have to really love a #brand to shell out for these, since nobody but you and maybe, like, two other people you run into outside of a car meet would even recognize anything different about an M4 Edition ///M Heritage.


But sometimes, knowledge of being different is enough for a true nerd. Not to brag, but I’m the proud owner of a few holographic, first-edition Pokémon cards. They’re exactly the same as their non-first edition counterparts, except they say “Edition 1” on them. It doesn’t matter why.

Maybe you buy this fancy M4 merely because you like the colors. That’d be a perfectly good reason to.


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