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The 2019 Mercedes-AMG A 35 Looks Like A Bite-Sized Rocket Hatch

Illustration for article titled The 2019 Mercedes-AMG A 35 Looks Like A Bite-Sized Rocket Hatch
Screenshot: Automotive Mike (YouTube)

One of the cars I am most eagerly anticipating is the 2019 Mercedes-AMG A 35. It’ll be the mid-range A-Class AMG to slot below the A 45. It will probably have about 300 horsepower. And just look at it go on the Nürburgring!


Power will likely come from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It certainly sounds like a four-cylinder under the hood of the test mule, but angrier and buzzier than most typical four-bangers. It definitely has a dual-clutch transmission, too. Listen to how quickly those shifts happen.

Mercedes still hasn’t confirmed whether or not that AMGified A-Class cars will come to the United States, but God I hope they do. Give me all of the hot German hatches.

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