The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado RST's Face Lets Everyone Know It's a Chevy

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The mid-size truck scene is heating up, with the new 2019 Ford Ranger and the upcoming Jeep truck on the horizon. So it’s no surprise to see Chevrolet showing off two new 2019 Chevy Colorado special editions: a street-oriented model called the RST and an off-road-oriented model called the “Trail Runner.” And the grille on that RST is really something.


Chevy is marketing the two new special editions as celebrations for over 400,000 Colorados sold since the new generation launched for 2015. First, the new Trail Runner takes a Z71—which comes with hardware like Rancho off-road shocks, a transfer case shield, and an automatic rear locker—and makes standard the front axle and oil pan skid plates that originally launched on the ZR2 but are now optional on Z71s. Also standard with the special edition are the normally-optional Goodyear Duratrac all-terrain tires, as well as the ZR2's rock rails.

Images by Chevy
Images by Chevy

Sadly, despite the tough “Trail Runner” name, there’s nothing all-new, here, just certain off-the shelf parts getting bolted to a Colorado Z71. That applies to the styling, too, as Chevy says the front end will have CHEVROLET written in big letters across the grille, just like on the ZR2 Bison, and just like on the other new special edition called the RST (shown at the top).

Strangely, Chevy does not have a photo of the Trail Runner’s front end, just the back side shown above; we’ll have to wait until I have a chance to drive one later this month to see more.

The RST model is basically just a mid-trim LT model with some black trim, black badges, black 20-inch wheels, and of course that ZR2 Bison-esque grille.

So there’s nothing spectacular, here, though I’m not complaining about Chevy building more trucks with more standard off-road hardware. Off-roading is good.

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