The thing about driving a BMW i8 is that nearly everyone looks at you because the car has such a striking design. And when you drive the roadster version of it, everyone looks at you. So, you’d better be ready for the attention.

A few months ago (okay, last year), we asked you guys what you wanted to know about the i8 coupe. Well, the roadster version isn’t terribly different, it just lacks a roof and back seats, so we picked a few of the appropriate and more visuals-heavy questions you guys asked and made a video out of them. This is the inaugural episode of Ask Us Anything.


The queries ranged from number of cupholders to how, philosophically, one could justify dropping over $160,000 on a car that really isn’t that much more powerful or technologically advanced than when it came out almost five years ago.

But, really, the best part of the roadster is that you can ride around in it like a damn queen. With the top down the car moving at low speeds so your perfectly coiffed hair doesn’t get messed up, all you need to do is perfect your royal wave.


Keep your eyes open the next time we ask you what you want to know about a car. Your questions might get answered on video!

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I was shocked that you can actually find these used for ~$60K