2017 Tesla Model S: This Is Probably It

Courtesy of Electrek, if you couldn’t tell.

We’ve been expecting Tesla to reveal the facelifted Model S sometime this month, perhaps even this week, and well, this looks like it! And its new nose looks like it was grafted on from the Model X.


The photos of the new face were sent to Electrek from “Ivan,” and if they are indeed the new 2017 Model S, it looks like Tesla has matched recent designs of a grille-less nose on the Model X and Model 3.

Here’s the full photo, courtesy of Electrek:

Courtesy of “Ivan” via Electrek

Reports indicated that we can also expect the price of the Model S to rise to make room for the new Model 3, as well as a new P100D super ridiculous crazy-fast trim level.

We should be getting official photos and specs of the new Model S later today, and we’ll get it up as soon as we have it.


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