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At launch, Infiniti promised that the new 2017 QX30 crossover would start at less than $30,000 when it went on sale in September, undercutting the Mercedes GLA it is based on, as well a lot of its competition. Starting at $29,950, it’s now the perfect budget introduction to both Infiniti and the luxury market, if that’s your thing.

In case you missed it last month, we already drove the damn thing and found it to check all the stereotypical “millennial” marketing trigger points. It’s an affordable, luxury compact crossover offering ten options of customization across six different model variations.

The kids, they love that sort of thing. As do a lot of other people, all of which Infiniti are hoping to get to buy the new QX30.

Sport model on the left, Luxury AWD on the right.


All models come with the same 208 horsepower 2.0 liter four cylinder engine from Mercedes. The base model gets FWD and starts at $29,950, and Infiniti says they want that to include leather and navigation standard. The QX30 Luxury comes with more stuff and sits at $32,600, which is Mercedes GLA money, and the Premium model will cost $35,300. AWD is available on both the Luxury and Premium QX30 as a $1,800 or $2,400 dollar option, respectively.

The fifth model sitting at the top is the FWD QX30 Sport, which costs $38,500 with no option for AWD. Infiniti is also offering a reservation program, giving you a gift (including a GoPro camera, headphones, or a one-night hotel stay) for paying for your new QX30 a littler earlier than everyone else.


If owning a luxury car makes you feel nice, or having an AWD capable crossover gives you a safe state-of-mind, the QX30 is one of the most affordable ways to check the boxes you’re likely to want. And in my opinion, you’ll look good doing it.

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