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The updated Ford Fusion V6 Sport gets a computer-controlled shock absorber system for 2017, which can adjust the dampers every two milliseconds and won’t let the wheels fall into those damn potholes. Magic!


Unlike Land Rover, Ford realizes that hitting potholes is pretty much unavoidable, but since they also know that bad roads cost U.S. drivers approximately $3 billion a year, their latest Fusion was designed to cut down on those tire and wheel damage bills while also improving the handling in Sport mode.


Basically, there are 12 sensors adjusting the electric dampers every two milliseconds. When the edge of a pothole is detected, the car’s computer adjusts the dampers to their stiffest settings so the wheel doesn’t fall as far into the pothole. The rear suspension can respond even faster, with a signal from the front wheel providing a pre-warning to the rear wheel well before it reaches the pothole.

Ford would also like to remind everyone that they are the first with this in the midsize sedan class, and no Honda Accord or Toyota Camry has this sort of technology.

Let’s see you hover now, Camry!

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