The 2016 Focus RS Is A Nasty Freak That Loves 80s And 90s R&B

So Chrysler isn't the only one into sticking crazy Easter Eggs in their cars. Ford's fond of doing it too, at least in their press photos. Check what's playing on the 2016 Ford Focus RS's infotainment system.


That would be Grand Rapids, Michigan's own Adina Howard with her January 1995 debut single, "Freak Like Me." Even if you can't place that title right away, I guarantee you've heard this song. It's catchy as hell.

That's what was playing on the TouchMyFord's stereo on one of the two press pics of the interior released this morning. How about the second? Let's zoom in and find out:

That would be "Him or Me," one of the bigger hits from the 1980s R&B group Today. I can't say I'd ever heard of them before this, but they seem to be among the many New Edition-esque bands that were popping up at the time.

What does it all mean, though? The first song's obvious; the Focus RS will be a freak, the kind of car normal people won't be able to handle even if they wanted to. Which they won't. It's for people who are only satisfied by extreme behavior. It's not a hot hatch you tell your mom about.


As for the Today song, I'm not so certain, but I think the subtext is there: "Do you want (Subaru) or me?"

Either way, the Focus RS has interesting taste in music. It does, of course, fail to shed any light on Bill Ford's clown-themed Kid Rock cover band. Then again, some mysteries are not meant to be solved.


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