The 2015 Nissan GT-R Is Fine-Tuning Its Way To Perfection

Nissan's got a few details on the scandalously fast GT-R for 2015, which arrives in Japan in a few weeks (as a 2014) but doesn't come to the States until next year. It's lighter. It's more comfortable. But overall, is it better?


It'll have the same 546-hp engine, for sure. But Nissan's made some notable ride and handling tweaks over last year's model: Improving suspension for better load balancing, retuned brake calibration that Nissan promises is more firm than the previous model year, and adjusted steering for high-speed maneuvers.

Nissan also upgrades to Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tires as the standard and improves electronic control of the shock-absorber valves for better traction. Bush links and front stabilizer spring rates are also tweaked for this year.


Nissan hasn't released any 0-60 times yet, but we are clued in that the GT-R might be shedding a few pounds from its 3,800-lb. frame. More parts are made from a mix of steel, carbon fiber and aluminum for stiffness but lighter weight. A carbon rear wing is now available, which cuts in half the weight of the standard truck lid. And it's padded a little more to cut down on noise and vibration but with different insulation.


There are a few stylistic changes, too. You'll notice newer multi-LED headlights that also automatically adjust with the speed of the car. Higher speeds = More light projection. Lower speeds = Less light projection. There's a new body color, the "Gold Flake Red Pearl" shown above, and a new ivory interior trim option.


What else to say, Nissan? Bring it. We need to know how fast it goes.

More in the press release.

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