Ford has said the turbo four-cylinder option on the 2015 Ford Mustang will be no slouch in the performance department, slotting between the base V6 and the beefy V8. Now we know it will get its own Performance Package, and what that will cost.

(Update: This form came to us from a source who later got into some hot water over it, so as a courtesy we've blanked out his name and where it came from originally.)

The form is part of what car dealers use to order their cars, and it shows some of the options on the new Mustang and what they'll cost at invoice and retail — but not what the packages entail exactly.

For example, the Ecoboost Performance Package will retail at $1,995, but we don't know what you get when you opt for that. (Could this also confirm that the four-cylinder turbo Mustang will be called the Mustang Ecoboost? I was kind of hoping for SVO myself, or even ST to be in-line with the other turbo Ford performance cars, but I guess marketing trumps all.)

The 50th Anniversary Package is not the same as the special edition 50th anniversary Mustang coming out, so we'll have to wait and see what that means exactly.


I posted the order guide below. Can you make sense of any of the other options listed here?