The 2014 Toyota Highlander Has No Rival, No SUV Can Be Its Equal

You'll have to forgive me for all of the Queen references I'm going to make while covering the reveal of the 2014 Toyota Highlander today. There's not really much here for driving enthusiasts, and so quoting "Princes of the Universe" may be the only way I can make this interesting.


We'll get more details on the car when it is officially unveiled shortly, but here's the official photos a bit early. As with the outgoing Highlander, we can expect this will ride on the Camry platform and pack a 3.5-liter V6 in hybrid and not-hybrid trims, so it will have inside it blood of kings gasoline and electricity.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Toyota is aiming to be more stylish with this new Highlander. I'm not sure I'd call it "stylish," but it does look more butch, maybe even 4Runner-y, from the side and rear angles.

You can see more when we begin livestreaming the Highlander reveal in just a few minutes.


I'm kidding! What did you think this was, a new Supra?

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