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The 2014 SRT Viper TA Is A Carbon Fiber Time Attack Monster

The SRT Viper GTS is fast. We know this. But it isn't as fast as a Viper can be. Meet the hardcore Viper TA, the fastest production car to ever go around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


The TA has all of the go-faster options of the regular Viper standard. That means carbon fiber on the body and the track pack wheels and tires. But the brakes are bigger. The suspension gets rid of street mode. You can only have a rough track or a soft track setting on this one.

Illustration for article titled The 2014 SRT Viper TA Is A Carbon Fiber Time Attack Monster

And taking a page from the Porsche GT3 playbook, every badge is now a decal.

It doesn't have more power. It doesn't have different tires. But it certainly doesn't look comfortable.

The car's development was partly spurred on by a Motor Trend test where the Corvette ZR1 beat a preproduction Viper to the fastest ever production car lap time. SRT gave Motor Trend the car first to rerun the test, and the TA, which I believe stands for Totally Awesome, is faster than the ZR1. Meet the new king.

More pictures and info to come later today.

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So lets see here, some revisions and now the Viper is (just barely) faster than the (outgoing) ZR-1? Lol I can't wait to see the new ZR-1 destroy this time. Heck maybe even the Z06 will too as the next Z06 (with rumored 600hp in next gen) will be closer to this Viper in HP.