The 2012 Congressional Motors Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition!

Congressional Motors just released their seven-way hybrid: ethanol, bio-diesel, electric, clean coal, wind, solar and pedal-powered 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition. It only took $100 billion and an entire Congress to design it.

We're definitely in for the luxurious all-velour interior with bonus condom dispenser and standard three-speaker fairness octophonic FM low-band sound system that was designed by the renaissance man himself, Barney Frank. Thanks guys, now we have something to look forward to! (Hat Tip To April!)


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Question -

Unless they build the fucking thing from recycled materials, isn't it already damaging the environment from the get go? Isn't a new car (Prius, Insight, Fusion, whatever) already one big carbon fucking footprint?

I mean, it's not like the picked them off the magical fruit bearing car tree for chrissake ...

So at what point does this car, or any ecocar for that matter, ever become environmentally friendly?

Do they ever? Can they ever?

Or is it one big crock of marketing bullshit and the only true environmentally carbon negative/neutral car would be a used Geo Metro that runs on Flinstone Power?

But no one in the world is talented enough to sell a used Geo Metro that we peddle around with our feet and so they have to resort to spouting "Gets 50 mpg but please ignore the fact that it's true cost entails a small forest worth of lumber, ton of iron ore, and 6 trillion barells of oil to produce - ssshhhh it's still eco friendly!" type bullshit with a wink and a nod hoping those poor fucks in San Fransisco aren't smart enough to factor in that shit when they are trying to be the cleanest queen on the block.

Because if that's the case - I'm buying 3 Hummers and I am going to park them in my driveway and let them idle until they run out of gas, fill them up, and repeat until there is no more winter in the Northwest or Nanci Pelosi is found dead in a Bangkok Hotel with her hands behind her back and a rope tied around her penis.