Oh, the tangled web. Let's take a step back from what has become The Great 2008 Subaru Impreza Photos Question of 2007 and see if we can get this straight. 1.) Motor Trend published photos of the redesigned Impreza, taken by its own photographers, in its May issue. 2.) An early recipient of said magazine scanned the relevant pages and put the images online for greedy eyes to scrutinize. 3.) Edmunds created what copyright lawyers might call a "derivative work," using Photoshop to change the color and the background of Motor Trend's photos. 4.) None of it really matters — other than to copyright lawyers — because the car is the 2008 Impreza. Please continue to be happy or sad as the case may be. The question remains, Who should online travelers blame/skewer for this? Motor Trend? Edmunds? Subaru's selective media relations practices? Copyright lawyers? The producers of "According to Jim"? Exactly. [Extra credit to our boy Hammer for the image.]

Hell Is Chrome: Subaru's New Impreza Breaks Cover; Is It or Isn't It? Motor Trend's Subaru Impreza Shots [internal]


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