Everyone loves to hate on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Sure, it's a bit odd looking, but I like it because it's new and different. You know what they would get if they stuck to that XJ design again? Another one of these.

Right off the bat, John Davis admits that the Jeep Commander is not exactly the kind of SUV that sets the world on fire. It looks like a Jeep — perhaps too much so to stand out on its own. No one can say the new Cherokee isn't unique. Sometimes I kind of forget they ever made the Commander.

But the Commander wasn't all bad! It had skylights over the passengers and a third row of seats. You could get it with a gas-sucking 330 horsepower Hemi V8, and it was a competent off-roader. It fills its niche well and without going overboard, Mr. Davis says.

You just won't remember it doing so, is all.

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