The 1995 Toyota Avalon Soars And Reveals Inflation is a Bitch

Here's the scenario: You're shopping for your dream car, a Toyota Camry, but you come to realize it is hardly "an experience above all else." You find that it lacks "superior comfort," "refined driving performance," and is not "built exclusively in America."

Fortunately, it is 1995, so a discriminating customer such as yourself has another front-wheel-drive snoozemobile to choose from: the Toyota Avalon, which is described in this ad as the company's new flagship. I always thought that was the twin-turbo Supra, but whatever.


As the Avalon soars majestically through the clouds, one thing is apparent: inflation is a bitch, y'all. The ad says the Avalon starts at only $22,758. Popping on over to Toyota's website reveals that in 2012, the same car starts at more than $33,000. Someone should get the government to fix this or something.

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