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The 1986 Honda CRX Si: Good For 17,000,000 MPH!

The mid-80s Kleine GTI was lots of fun, but those willing to sacrifice the back seat and go Japanese instead of German could get an extra 18 horses in a lighter chassis. We're talking about the first-gen CRX Si, and this ad shows that it could circumnavigate the globe in a mere five seconds.


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Looks aside, they are without a doubt some of the easiest wheels to clean.

My other car is a BMW with lace BBS wheels, which balances the universe out since they are the hardest wheels to clean...

@theycallmeham: there are still a few good 'uns around. Keep a sharp eye on Craigslist and of coure Ebay. Solid ones are climbing in value but we're still talking about <$5000 for a near perfect one, so in the grand scheme they're cheap as chips.