The 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Is As American As Hating Your Neighbor

So much baggage comes with driving an ‘80s Trans Am. As Regular Car Reviews puts it, it’s the car that symbolizes the struggle, the car for teenage dads who think they can still play Call of Duty whenever they want, for employees mad at their regional managers, for the uncle with the Hall and Oates mustache who wants to be with it.

None of that detracts from how interesting and even special that vintage of Trans Am was. When it was new, the idea was it provided a kind of sophisticated fun for a buyer not quite liquid enough for a Corvette, but maybe a little refined than someone who would buy a Camaro. Or a Mustang.


That was then. Now it’s the ultimate used car, as Mr. Regular Puts it: a car for “hopeless, angry daydreamers.”

But is it fun to drive? Hell yeah. The car in this video has a 350 cubic inch V8 and a five-speed manual, and it can’t take corners worth a damn, but I think if you can’t get a kick out of driving one, you should check your pulse.

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