The 15 "Most Beautiful" Ferraris Of All Time?

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In coordination with running A&E's one-hour Enzo Ferrari bio-pic, CNBC and Marcel Massini put together their list of the 15 most beautiful Ferraris of all time, picking the 375 Mille Miglia Spider as "most beautiful." Really? What say you? [CNBC]

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I always laugh alittle when car lists are created by news casts that don't normally cover cars. While I'm not going to go and say that his choices were wrong, because, after all, those were his opinion, I do have to disagree with him. Where is the F40, F50, 355F1 Spider, 456GTM, 260GT California, or even that shark finned indycar from a few years back that Schumcher drove? These are the cars that I've idolized as these were the ones that were on my walls and in my opinion some of the nicest looking Ferraris made.