The 10th Anniversary RTR Mustang Spec 5 Is Cool And All But The Shelby GT500 Already Exists

All image credits: RTR
All image credits: RTR

Professional drifter and champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s tuning company, RTR Vehicles, turns 10 this year. To celebrate this important milestone, it’s releasing a limited-run car called the 10th Anniversary RTR Mustang Spec 5. It’s a wide-body model with cool accents and over 700 horsepower—but I’m confused as to who exactly this car is for, as the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 already exists.


Look, don’t get me wrong because I do think the 10th Anniversary Spec 5 looks cool.

I like all the lime-green accents, the wide-body kit, and the white nostril thingies. That wing is heckin’ cool. Plus, with the help of the Ford Performance Phase 2 supercharger kit, power output will be a claimed 750 horsepower, according to a press release. There are also “RTR Tactical Performance” coilovers and sway bars and forged RTR Aero 7 wheels with Nitto NT555 G2 tires.

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RTR says it’s only making 10 examples of the 10th Anniversary Spec 5. It didn’t include pricing information, but Motor1 reports you’ll need an additional payment of $50,000 “on top of the price of your Mustang.” The outlet concludes pricing to land somewhere “around $85,000 for a modestly equipped Mustang GT.”

At the bottom of its press release, RTR does acknowledge the 2020 Shelby GT500, which handily has 760 HP. But, as you know, that car starts at around $70,000.


I guess you get the GT500 because it’s a Shelby, you don’t want to spend as much, you like the whole package, and because you’re alright with a so-called “mass-produced” muscle car. And you get the Mustang RTR Spec 5 Big Thunder Chariot Brawny Horse Machine because you like exclusivity and being different.

Fair enough!

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